Door Security Tips from a Professional Locksmith.

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Doors are considered to be the first line of defense for any house. This is why it is extremely important to ensure that all your doors are adequately secured. Door security is one out of many specialization areas for a residential locksmith. They are aware of several techniques to enhance the durability and strength of any lock or door. Being a renowned locksmith service provider, our extensive knowledge and experience can help you strengthen your doors sufficiently to repel burglars away from your home. Given below are some of the most important door security tips for your home.

• Wooden Front Doors: As a homeowner, you must realize that it is not enough to rely on a Yale lock or rim latch to secure your doors. To secure your wooden doors, you need a combination of one rim latch and a couple of mortice locks. The rim latch should be placed at the middle with two mortice locks at the bottom and top. This will ensure that any force applied to the door will be distributed equally. It is a great idea to add hinge bolts because they are capable of locking into any strike plate each time the door is closed. This can be made even tougher by using a Birmingham bar and a London Bar to support the frame and the strike plate respectively.
• Sliding Patio Doors: During the installation of sliding patio doors at your home, be sure to go for sliding patio doors that are equipped with a built in multiple point locking system. This will make sure your door has two locking bolts both at the bottom and the top. Beware of the fact that some of these doors can be lifted off the track. To eliminate this problem, install a device that can prevent the door from being lifted off the track.
• French doors: French doors are extremely popular amongst homeowners. However, these doors are secure only when the middle of the door has a five lever lock. The top and bottom should also be secured with mortice rack bolts. It is also important to install hinge bolts regardless of the direction in which the door can be opened.
• uPVC Doors: All uPVC doors are equipped with a multi-point locking system. However, you need additional locks if you have installed these doors at your home. Euro-Profile cylinder locks present in most of these doors are often exploited by miscreants using a technique known as lock-snapping. An anti snap cylinder is required in order to eliminate this vulnerability of uPVC doors.

Apply these techniques today to secure all your doors and keep burglars away from your home. Thanks for visiting this page and please keep visiting for more useful discussions relating to building a safe home for you.

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