Home Security Tips for the Upcoming Holiday Season

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The most important holiday season of the year is just round the corner, and many of you have surely started planning to spend a special time with your family members and friends. However, many of you may not be aware of the fact that this part of the year is the favorite time for the burglars, too. Global statistics suggest that a huge number of break-ins happen during the Christmas vacation because, at this time, home security requirements are forgotten or ignored in many households. Listed below are some useful tips to help your enjoy a worry free holiday this year.

  • It has been observed that homes with easy entry and exit routes are burglarized more frequently. Also, make sure not to openly display your gift boxes or Christmas trees in a way that makes it easily visible from the adjoining street.
  • Many of us often hide our spare keys is a disguised place near our front door. This is a dangerous habit because burglars know how and where to find them. Get rid of this habit and handover your spare keys to a trusted neighbor.
  • Make sure that your festive lighting contractor does not keep your windows partially open so that they can feed extension cables through it. You may use battery operated or solar lights for outdoor lighting. It is also a good idea to install outdoor electrical outlets.
  • Ladders and different gardening tools can be very useful for the burglars. Make sure no such item is lying around in your garden. Do not forget to secure your garage properly.
  • Install new window hinges and deadbolts to secure your windows. Make use of timers while going out at night so that it appears that your home is not vacant.

You need to be even more careful if you are planning to away during this upcoming holidays. Try out these alternatives to avoid unwanted surprises on return.

  • Pay your electricity bills on time so that all your electrically operated home security devices are operational in your absence.
  • A pile of newspapers or an overflowing mailbox is nothing but the advertisement of an empty house. Organize your neighbors or friends to collect these items regularly in your absence.
  • Use timers on some of the lamps inside the rooms in a way so that they come on every evening and switch off late at night.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to park his/her car in front of your entrance to create an impression that the house is not empty.
  • While leaving for a vacation, do not leave any descriptive messages for the telephone’s answering machine.
  • Do not share your holiday plans in any social media platform. Nowadays, many burglars look for potential targets making use of social media.

Door Security Tips from a Professional Locksmith.

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Doors are considered to be the first line of defense for any house. This is why it is extremely important to ensure that all your doors are adequately secured. Door security is one out of many specialization areas for a residential locksmith. They are aware of several techniques to enhance the durability and strength of any lock or door. Being a renowned locksmith service provider, our extensive knowledge and experience can help you strengthen your doors sufficiently to repel burglars away from your home. Given below are some of the most important door security tips for your home.

• Wooden Front Doors: As a homeowner, you must realize that it is not enough to rely on a Yale lock or rim latch to secure your doors. To secure your wooden doors, you need a combination of one rim latch and a couple of mortice locks. The rim latch should be placed at the middle with two mortice locks at the bottom and top. This will ensure that any force applied to the door will be distributed equally. It is a great idea to add hinge bolts because they are capable of locking into any strike plate each time the door is closed. This can be made even tougher by using a Birmingham bar and a London Bar to support the frame and the strike plate respectively.
• Sliding Patio Doors: During the installation of sliding patio doors at your home, be sure to go for sliding patio doors that are equipped with a built in multiple point locking system. This will make sure your door has two locking bolts both at the bottom and the top. Beware of the fact that some of these doors can be lifted off the track. To eliminate this problem, install a device that can prevent the door from being lifted off the track.
• French doors: French doors are extremely popular amongst homeowners. However, these doors are secure only when the middle of the door has a five lever lock. The top and bottom should also be secured with mortice rack bolts. It is also important to install hinge bolts regardless of the direction in which the door can be opened.
• uPVC Doors: All uPVC doors are equipped with a multi-point locking system. However, you need additional locks if you have installed these doors at your home. Euro-Profile cylinder locks present in most of these doors are often exploited by miscreants using a technique known as lock-snapping. An anti snap cylinder is required in order to eliminate this vulnerability of uPVC doors.

Apply these techniques today to secure all your doors and keep burglars away from your home. Thanks for visiting this page and please keep visiting for more useful discussions relating to building a safe home for you.

A Locksmith Won’t Leave You Stranded

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It used to be you needed to use a coat hanger or break the car door window if you lost or misplaced your car keys or accidentally locked yourself out of your vehicle. Nowadays, it’s much easier to find a qualified locksmith to help you out of this type of predicament no matter where you find yourself, anytime of the day or night.

You should prepare yourself before an emergency happens by choosing a locksmith company that specializes in round-the-clock emergency locksmith services. Whether you are a stranded motorist or the last one left in a restaurant or shopping mall parking lot with the keys locked inside your car, you need a company that can provide friendly locksmith service technicians who can meet your crisis with quick response times. The best of these companies will provide a toll free number for you to obtain a free estimate for the types of emergency roadside services they offer and the geographic areas they cover.

You need to look for 24 hour Toronto locksmith team that specializes in emergency locksmith capabilities including copying and replacing lost car and ignition keys, as well as taking care of specialty items like transponder, chip keys and other remote devices to get you on your way.

Knowing your local locksmith is on your cell phone speed dial in case you ever become stranded at the side of the road can make an unpleasant situation less stressful.

Experience of Toronto Locksmiths

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When seeking a Toronto Locksmith you will find no one who is more the epitome of customer service; others can only strive to attain the level of satisfaction that customers feel after they have worked with this company. When in search of important qualities like speed, pleasant and professional, you will discover that these are the only people to select. Many others will only pretend to put you and your family’s safety and security first. It is here you will discover that your safety is also their first concern. This service specializes in replacing your lost car or house keys and is a leader in the Toronto area. If you are looking for a locksmith company that is available 24 hours for your commercial, residential and automotive emergencies, you can make the right choice with Toronto locksmith.

Locksmith Services offered

Severe winter weather brings freezing temperatures and ice that can cause havoc with the best of locks. In Toronto, no one knows how to work with a variety of different kinds of locks in this winter weather better. Fortunately, a Toronto Locksmith has had many years of experience in this severe weather and will work around the clock to meet your needs soundly. For experienced professionals who have repaired, replaced and rekeyed hundreds of thousands of locks in filing cabinets and garages, millions of extractions of broken car keys and more than a billion security services such as iron gates, control systems, security cameras and alarms, a call to these locksmiths is the only call you will need to make when you are locked out.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Emergency services are available with a Toronto locksmith and you are never turned down due to your location in GTA and the Toronto region. There is a team of technicians available to meet you commercial, residential and automotive needs. You can also call and have a free estimate by a certified technician.  Rekindle that feeling of safety after a burglary by having emergency lock services replace your locks and give you the peace that you need to get a good night’s sleep. These technicians are top notch locksmith services on any locks, security and video camera installation. They promise guaranteed satisfaction and a fast response to your dire situations. Never worry about being locked out of your home, office or automobile, again.

If you are looking for a business with exemplary standing with the Better Business Bureau, look no further than simply the best: Toronto locksmith.

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